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shipping container projects
Now taking orders for shipping container buildings!!!

While this mode of design and construction is not entirely new, it is an innovative solution to the current conundrum; how to build efficiently and sustainably.  Container buildings are strong, durable, weather resistant, recycled and are able to be assembled on site quickly.

Container Cabin

High in the pine forested slopes of the White Mountains of Northern Arizona sits a very unique cabin.  When one thinks about the word 'cabin', an image of logs stacked forming the walls, a high pitched roof with a stone chimney usually comes to mind. Unfortunately there are very few 'authentic' log homes being built anymore. The industry now only uses a wood veneer facade of a log home. We say, Why even bother with creating a 'facade'? This cabin smashes this conventional idea, and delivers a luxurious feeling yet efficient vacation home at a $90 per square foot budget.

Click here to view the final project photos.

Studio, Office + Guest House

The owner and his family wanted to have an extra space added on to their home in order to house their extra activities, including ceramics, making crafts, doing homework & whatever you could think of.  It became very apparent after several studies that we would not be able to do the project for their budget of $50k. The solution: build it with shipping containers. To the best of my knowledge this is the first container building to be permitted in the City of Phoenix. With the owner and WG Gasser Design providing the construcion management, this project came in at an astounding $46 per SF.

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